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Our custom scaffolding design team were commissioned to provide custom scaffolding design and erect a scaffold structure for a West Kensington property undergoing a full external renovation.

Access to the rear of the property was difficult, and the scaffold had to be transported through the front entrance. However, the biggest challenge was to ensure adequate access for the workmen carrying out the renovation work.

The team first had to clear the large glass extension before designing a custom scaffolding design that provided full access to multiple levels at the rear of the property.

It took the scaffold team two days to erect the bespoke scaffold design. This included the use of bridge beams to create a walkway over the independent glass roof, providing perfect access for the renovators to building. A second bridge was also built to avoid the lower roof and provide access to the second floor. Hilti ties and scaffolding hooks were added for further security.

It was due to the experience and flexible scaffold design that this project was made achievable. The custom scaffolding design was the perfect solution and the renovation team were more than happy with the access that we provided them.

This project’s success was attributed to our experienced and adaptable scaffold design. Our custom scaffolding design provided the ideal solution, granting the renovation team full access and leaving them more than satisfied.

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