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Project Overview

BT Scaffolding was tasked with a bespoke scaffolding design for a complex, multi-sided new build in Slough. The intricate architecture of the development demanded meticulously planned and well-developed scaffolding solutions to maximise work efficiency and safety. This project required approximately 15 separate visits over a 7-month period, involving progressive scaffolding adjustments to accommodate the development’s evolving structure, with multiple elevations and custom loading bays.

Project Challenges and Solutions

Proximity to Train Tracks
One significant challenge was the scaffolding’s proximity to active train tracks, which was only 13 metres away. This required the implementation of custom netting to ensure safety and compliance with stringent regulations. Working alongside British Rail to conducted regular risk assessments to ensure ongoing safety and adherence to all necessary protocols.

BT Scaffolding was required to submit detailed technical drawings for inspection and approval before installation. These drawings were crucial in passing the stringent safety and structural integrity inspections mandated for the project.

Logistics and Installation
The scaffolding installation was extensive, involving 14 separate lorry loads of equipment. Logistics was managed with precision, ensuring timely delivery and setup for each construction phase. The BT Scaffolding team carried out weekly site inspections, ensuring continuous adherence to safety standards and project requirements.

The results

The bespoke scaffolding project for the new build in Slough was complex and demanding. BT Scaffolding’s meticulous planning, custom solutions, and rigorous safety measures ensured the project’s success. Despite the challenges, the project was completed efficiently, showcasing BT Scaffolding’s expertise in managing intricate, high-risk scaffolding installations.

At BT Scaffolding, we specialise in providing customized scaffolding services that cater to the specific demands of each project. For any scaffolding needs or to discuss an upcoming project, please feel free to contact us.

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