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We are pleased to share details of a recent commercial scaffolding project we successfully completed on George Street, Marylebone, West London W1. This project involved the design and installation of a custom 3-sided scaffolding structure on behalf of a local exterior decorating company. The aim was to provide safe and efficient access for their team to carry out painting and maintenance work on the building.

The scope of the commercial scaffolding project required us to create a scaffolding solution that covered the 3 sides of the building, with multiple levels and access points. Our team of 6 experienced scaffolders erected the scaffolding, ensuring all safety measures were adhered to throughout the process.

The construction phase of the scaffolding took a total of 4 days to complete. It involved careful planning and coordination to ensure all sections were securely erected and properly aligned. Given the size and complexity of the building, it required 4 separate lorry loads of materials to be delivered to the site.

Commercial scaffolding challenges

One particular challenge we encountered was the busy pathway below the commercial scaffolding. To ensure uninterrupted access for pedestrians, we implemented a solution by creating a bridge over the pavement. This allowed people to safely pass underneath while our scaffolding remained in place, minimising disruption to both pedestrians and the ongoing project.

Throughout the project, our focus was on maintaining the highest standards of safety and professionalism. We conducted regular inspections and implemented safety measures to safeguard both our workers and the public. This included the installation of appropriate guardrails, protective netting, and other necessary safety features.

The results

In the end, the custom 3-sided scaffolding structure proved to be a reliable and effective solution for the exterior decorating company. It provided them with secure access to all areas of the building, enabling them to carry out their work efficiently and to the highest standards.

At our company, we take pride in delivering tailored scaffolding solutions to meet the unique needs of each project. Our experienced team, commitment to safety, and attention to detail ensure that we consistently achieve successful outcomes for our clients. If you have any scaffolding requirements or would like to discuss a project, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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