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B&T Scaffolding erected a temporary roofers scaffold on one side of the 6 storey building for a local roofing company. As the surrounding area gave limited room for the roofing company to gain access via ladders. Due to the height of the building, our bespoke roofing scaffold was required to safely access the premises.

Erecting a rigid scaffolding on a lower section of the porch roof gave the scaffolding team a challenge. With our extensive knowledge and expertise while working within the project constraints, our scaffolders constructed the roofing scaffold within 2 hours, allowing the roofing company to safely access the premises. The bespoke design met with the roofing company’s specifications and allowed sufficient access to key areas of the building.

Once the repair work was complete, B&T Scaffolding returned to remove the scaffolding. This project is a perfect example of our quick and safe Roofing Scaffolding Solution’s and the ability to overcome challenges.

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Temporary Scaffolding - Roofers Scaffold - West London

Roofers Scaffold - Temporary Scaffolding - West London