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We were tasked with erecting a temporary roof scaffolding to cover the entire property during the roof extension work.

As the extension work was scheduled for 6 weeks, our goal was always to create a completely weather-proof area in which the builders could operate during all types of conditions.

The erection of the temporary roof scaffolding took 3 days from start to finish. Due to the size of the project, it required 3 lorry loads of scaffolding to complete the full coverage.

Adding to the complexity, the temporary roof scaffolding required a removable section that could be dismantled from the roof itself. This would allow a crane to hoist in new spiral staircases. This required the temporary roof to be taken down for a day and then reinstated.

We take great pride in stating that our temporary roof scaffold endured harsh snowy and windy conditions throughout January. With our temporary roof scaffolding requiring no further attention throughout the entire 6-week project duration.

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