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B&T Scaffolding were asked to provide a temporary roofing system & waterproofing structures on large commercial building. The roofing contractor required full protection whilst the repair work was undertaken.

The B&T Scaffolding team was also required for an ongoing ‘Strip and Shift’ service. Our temporary roofing scaffolders were required to move and relocate the scaffolding to allow protection and access to different parts of the roof. All of our temporary roofing specialists are highly trained, experienced personnel who are experts in this type of work.

The project was erected in three weeks, with frequent visits throughout the project to relocate the structure – based on the contractors requirements. A series of alterations resulted in over 6,000 square metres of scaffolding.

The temporary roofing was finished with cast iron top sheets and Monarflex plastic sheets. These Monarflex plastic sheets allow further protection from the weather. Finally, alarms were added to the scaffolding for extra security. Security Alarm are install on all of our domestic scaffolding and commercial scaffolding project.

One of the more popular and effective choices of commercial roofing contractors is the temporary roofing system. Here at B&T Scaffolding, we have seen a surge in this type of scaffolding across Greater London and Essex. When constructed correctly, this temporary roofing system is up to 95% successful in protecting work from the elements.

Temporary Roofing - West London - B&T Scaffolding

Weatherproof Temporary Roofing - West London - B&T Scaffolding

Weatherproof Temporary Roofs - West London - B&T Scaffolding

Temporary Roofs - West London - B&T Scaffolding

Temporary Roofing System - West London - B&T Scaffolding